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Introduction to the Database
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You will be able to return to the database at the end of this short introduction, or you can use your browser back button.
You can explore the material on the database in two ways:
1. Through an Events search you can read about the history of the promotion of artists' and independent film and video in the UK from the late 1960s to the early 2000s:
  • When you enter a search term, the database will produce a narrative history or chronology – made up of a series of Events records – tailored to your area of interest. Entering 'LFMC', for instance, will produce a chronology detailing the distribution and promotional activities of the London Film-makers' Co-op, while entering 'feminist film and video' will bring up a history of the activities of the women's distributors Circles, Cinema of Women and Cinenova.
  • From each chronology you can consult the original documentation from the film and video organisations and their funders:
    • Each Events search also generates a bibliography of all the documents used to create the resulting chronology. The bibliography will appear at the end of the chronology.
    • All the Events records that make up a chronology have one or more links to the bibliography – e.g. (Leece, 1975: 1). Clicking on one of links takes you to the relevant item in the bibliography (which appears at the top of your screen).
    • Most items in any given bibliography will have a see pdf link which will take you to a PDF of the document on which the Events record is based.
    • Alongside the see pdf link in a bibliography is a go back link, which will return you to the Events record in the chronology.
2. A Documents search allows you to go direct to the original documentation and simply explore the material for yourself.
  • The Documents take the form of correspondence, minutes of meetings, publicity material, policy documents, consultancy reports, funder reviews, annual reports, funding applications, artists' papers, transcribed research interviews, newsletters and so on.
  • By entering a keyword or search term(s), you can call up a list of all the documents held in the database relating to your search term(s).
  • Each item in the bibliography has a see pdf link that will take you to a PDF of that documents.
To get the best results from your searches, please consult our Search Tips and use the green help buttons. These are accessible once you proceed to the Database.
The results from any search will display on a single page on screen (up to a maximum of 2000 items). This is to facilitate scrolling up and down the information as required. The results will automatically paginate and print in a printer-friendly format if you send to print via your browser menu bar.
Note: A small number of the bibliographic references do not have see pdf links. This is because either they are book references which contribute important additional historical/contextual information or we have been unable to obtain permission to publish the documents online.
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